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female pharmacist smilingFirst CareRx cares for your family like you do. That is why our goal is to keep you healthy and well through products and services that promote recovery and wellness for each and every member of your family. We hope that we get to communicate the sincerity of our care and the brand of our service through the following:

Availability of prescriptions and medications
Get all your prescribed medicines under one roof. We guarantee quality, fresh, and complete merchandise every time and any time.

Availability of vitamins and supplements
We help promote your wellness through commendable and highly-in-demand vitamins and supplement brands.

Monthly Autofills
We help you have a stable supply of your medications and supplements through our systemized monthly autofill service.

Same-day Delivery
We deliver your prescriptions within the same day so you need not trouble yourself by getting them yourself especially when you are sick.

Specialized Medications Packaging
Through smart, organized, and labeled packets, we help you better comply with your prescriptions in a way that is easy and convenient for you.

Pharmacist Consultation
Our professional pharmacists are available on site to help you with your questions and concerns on your health and medications.

Prescription Processing
We process your prescriptions and keep them in our database for easier access and refill in the future.

Our services are available every time you visit us. We highly encourage you to let us know of your queries and suggestions by taking the time to talk to our staff or pharmacists. You may also call us at 520-809-6959 for your other concerns.

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